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The Company was established by our very own Gabriella Martina. Its evolution over the years has resulted in the most elevated training, sophisticated thinking and cutting edge choreography a dancer can receive in SWFL. We don't just claim to offer first-rate training, we have the accolades to prove it.

Company is an artistic collective of dancers who share a professional mentality towards their commitment and work ethic to achieve excellence. At GFDC we pride ourselves on providing intense technical training while implementing the importance of versatility, artistry and authentic movement quality in the Company dancers. The goal is to maximize the potential of each dancer individually and as a team. We believe each artist is capable of reaching new heights with the proper balance of personal mentorship and elevated expectations. 

The Company members are privately selected by invitation only. For the 2024-2025 season if you are an advanced dancer with ample competitive experience, who carries traits that resemble what is expected of Company dancers you may be considered for an assessment. Contact us if you feel or believe Company could be the correct fit for your pre-professional dance career. 

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